Are you looking to get into the Landscape Design process but then you don’t know where to begin? You are not too sure what to call?

Well, I want to share twenty years of experience with you. Today we are going to start with basic different types of Landscaping Companies.

If you are looking for tree trimming, removal or if you are looking for fertilization for your trees and bushes, you want to call an Alvarez. You can even get referrals around your neighborhood.

If you are looking for a Landscape Maintenance Company and you are a resident, you can look at some of the high-end design-build companies and find out through them.

I would suggest like maybe some small guy. Maybe, he is very experienced in trimming. I have been on some customer’s homes and we both been so upset because some Landscape Maintenance Companies doesn’t know what they are doing and we have to replace them all. So, do a little research on the maintenance companies for sure.

If your Landscape Contractor who basically do the same thing as design-build but they don’t have a designer for premises or a house, the Landscape contractors sometimes are the ones that the other companies are ______ out. So, they are just as good but they don’t have a designer.

If you have a landscape design and you can find a contractor that might work for you too, you just have to really trust where you work with.

Then, there is the Design-build. So, they can design for you and implement it. They sell it and then they can construct if for you to build and install it.

There is a lot of different categories and design-build, different types of designers, and salespeople. Some are small and medium-size Design Build Companies.

It is a little bit better because the designer comes to your house and the designers on site implementing it to a crew versus the bigger companies that literally have a designer, salesperson, production manager and then the crews. They are high-end. They can be very worth it for you if that is what you are looking for but they do cost a lot more.

So, hopefully, that helped you with the basics.

I think what we would talk about next is who comes up to your door? and what questions to ask? and what you are looking for?