So, you are just starting out and you want to figure out what kind of Landscape Company to call. If you are doing it yourself for a fix or a flipper, you can call a Landscape Designer.

If you are a Contractor and you don’t have a designer, a Landscape Designer too is one that you really want to call.

You can also call design-build if you are looking for a design and they install it for you.

I would say the biggest thing is while you are looking through the websites, just be comfortable with the company like what you have to hear. Read about the designers.

If this project is somewhat there is a patio retaining wall, you got ___, drainage issues, it could be a simple project but also complicated.

Ask for an experienced designer who has worked for a minimum of ten years on site. In other words, a designer who actually knows what they are talking about.

Now, a landscape designer comes walking in your door, what are the things you need to look for?

Let’s just say, Joe walks in your door. He didn’t quite ask all the questions when you made the appointment. When he comes in, he says, “It looks round”. He doesn’t ask you too many questions about your style, not like the Landscape Designer that we do. But he just check and scratch on a notepad. Then he says,”Oh, I can do this for about 20 gram.

Get through the landscape design appointment. Get him out of your house and don’t call them back. That is actually the contractor saying that he can design for you but he actually can’t.

Now if you know that they do good work, hire a Landscape Designer to do the design for you and actually spend the time with you. Spend a little bit extra money. A highly Landscape Designer can do that so you can work with this guy that you know, did your neighbors and he does a really good work. But then at least, you have a design that caters towards you and your lifestyle.

Let’s say the next person comes in the door and they are asking you lots of questions and you are comfortable with them, then that is a really good appointment.

If somebody walks in your door and they were like, “Oh, we can do this… and I will do this…” They were not listening to you. Just get them out of your house. You can’t work with that kind of person depending on what you are looking for.

I would say the biggest question to ask your landscape designer is how much experience do you have? Have you worked on site? Do you know construction methods? There are Landscape Designers who don’t know ___construction should not be stepping foot in your door.

It is really a key to ask those questions. If they are taking a moment to ask you stuffs like your lifestyle and what you like and they are actually interested in you and the time that you spent in Pinterest with photos, that’s a good listener too.

Pick up the phone and call 303 818 9585 and let’s have a GOOD conversation about the RIGHT way to work with a landscape designer in Portland.